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Today, data has become more valuable than ever; It has become the main raw material of the economy and the industry. Every day, government agencies and private organizations store, process and transfer personal data.

Against this emerging value, the authorities issue a number of regulations in order to prevent people from being harmed.

Turkey also enacted Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") and processing of personal data has been preconditioned to certain conditions and rules.

Finally, the EU has adopted the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which is binding for all Member States and can also can be applied to non-EU businesses as well in certain circumstances.

Gökçen Law Office offers legal and technical compliance services with KVKK and GDPR and ensures full compliance with these regulations. In this context, Gökçen works together with Anonimhane and provides solutions to its clients.

You can have a look at, where our lawyers serve replies to all of your concerns about data protection.

In this scope, below services are provided:
• Detailed company inspection
• Review of the signed data processing contracts
• Determination of stored, transferred, processed personal data
• Determination of the purpose of processing of the data
• Categorization of processing,
• Obtaining the explicit consents of former customers and staff
• Anonymization of the data with the first and only software of Anonimhane
• Determination of intercorporate KVKK and GDPR organization
• Preparation of all kinds of related legal texts
• Regular intercorporate  trainings
• Taking other necessary technical and administrative measures
• Follow regular legislation, prepare memos and take necessary measures
• Providing informed and unannounced inspections